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Eliminate the hassle of maintaining technology that is constantly evolving. Let us provide reliable and cost-effective IT services that will help your business be successful.

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Technology Class

Why Managed IT?

Stay Up-to-Date

Businesses of all sizes have evolving needs. Older, outdated technologies can be an expensive to maintain and replace. At Rivanna Technologies we offer custom solutions to fit your unique business requirements. 

Keep Focus

Having a team of skilled professionals provide services for your business will allow you to direct your attention to other parts of your company.

Minimize Costs

We are committed to putting your business in a position where you get optimal value out of your technology stack. In today's environment, you need only pay for the resources you use. Cut out the extra fat!

What We Deliver


We are committed to keeping prices low without compromising output and production.


As your business expands, we will see that your IT services scale with it. You won't have to lift a finger. 


Downtime can cost businesses a lot of time and resources. We'll make sure your services are always available for you and your customers.

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