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From hard-wired ethernet to wireless mesh networks to VPN access for your employees, we've got you covered. Having a secure and reliable networking solution is an essential part to any modern business. Stay connected wherever you are!

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Network Cable Technician

What type of network is best for you?

As your business network grows, so do your dependencies on the network and the applications that use it. Network-accessible data and mission-critical applications that are crucial to your operations depend on network availability.


Our skilled technicians at Rivanna Tech will identify your network needs by sitting down with you and discussing your business goals and constraints as well as your technology goals and restraints. After identifying your requirements, we will develop a comprehensive plan for meeting your business needs.

Whether we need to design a LAN for a single building, a WAN for multiple locations, or VPN for remote access, we can design and implement the solution that works best for you.

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